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A report commissioned by the The Surveyors’ Trust and published in April 2022 reviews and collates research of the Australian surveying and spatial sector workforce to have a better understanding of the landscape, issues therein and opportunities to inform a collective industry approach to address the workforce crisis impacting the surveying and spatial industry in Australia.

The Australian Surveying and Spatial Workforce – A National Roadmap presents a surveying and spatial workforce roadmap and a high-level strategy for a national call to action to address workforce challenges being faced today and in the future. The report advocates for the industry to adopt a sustainable, holistic approach to workforce planning and implementation underpinned by collaboration of a wide range of industry sectors and representative bodies.

Recommendations for creating a stronger pipeline of skilled professionals include five key initiatives:

  1. Creation of a national taskforce to shape workforce development programs
  2. Biennial comprehensive environmental scans
  3. Development of national competency frameworks for all relevant disciplines
  4. Development of a taxonomy of occupations and incorporation into ANZCO and industry defined occupations
  5. Development of a national skills and career pathway

Read the full report.

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