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SPOL – State Priority Occupation List

The State Priority Occupation List (SPOL) is an annually produced list of jobs that are high in demand or considered industry-critical in Western Australia.

The SPOL informs Western Australian workforce development planning and is used to determine funding priorities for training in WA.   It will also link to the Skilled Migration Occupation List (SMOL) and the development of the State Training Plan, which guides the funding of training programs.


FAPSTC works collaboratively with industry to provide strategic advice on occupation to determine the priority rating of occupations.  There are five criteria of high to low ratings that can be assigned to each occupation based on the issues that the occupation faces.


The Training Council works within a framework of evidence, data analysis and validation to ensure that any significant impacts across the industry or the State economy that may manifest in slow growth or supply bottlenecks are reported on.


For further information, go to the Department of Training and Workforce Development website.

The Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List (WASMOL)

Western Australia’s State Migration Plan is informed by the WASMOL – a list which identifies the occupations that Skilled Migration Western Australia will consider for State sponsorship. The WASMOL guides States labour market needs through sponsorship and qualifying visa applicants.


To view the WASMOL to see if you are eligible to apply for State sponsorship please visit the website.