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Accounting and
Legal Services

Automation is transforming accountancy and finance jobs through automation of routine tasks from payroll administration and bookkeeping to transactional accounting and audit functions.

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The administrative services industry encompasses a diverse set of occupations that support organisations across all WA industries to do business efficiently and effectively.


Advertising Services, Market
Research and Statistical Services

These data-driven, digitally-focussed industries serve to provide strategies and services that enable businesses to keep pace with consumer demand for personalised brand interactions and service provision.

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Architectural, Engineering and Technical Services

This industry provides surveying, mapping, planning and design services for land use, buildings and structures.

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Building Cleaning, Pest Control and Other Support Services

This industry consists of those providing cleaning, pest control and maintenance services to buildings and structures, both commercial and domestic.

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Central and State Government Administrations

Federal and state government administrations operate within legislative frameworks. All tiers of government are currently undergoing significant reforms.

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Civic, Professional and Other Interest Groups

This industry comprises a range of organisations established to support industry professionals and interest groups, and to advocate for the rights of WA workers.

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The banking sector is facing a period of uncertainty and change in response to the Royal Commission, as well as regulatory and educational standards changes impacting adjacent industries.

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Insurance and Superannuation Funds, Auxiliary Finance and Insurance Services

These industries provide individuals and businesses with insurance advice, brokering, coverage and claims services, as well as the management of superannuation funds and stock and mortgage brokering.

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Local Government

Currently under reform, local governments operate under the State’s Local Government Act and provide infrastructure and services relevant to the needs of local communities.

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Management and Consulting Services

Consultants and consulting services firms continue to play a role supporting organisations through periods of review and change, as well as enabling response to project and policy-based opportunities.


Property Operators and
Real Estate Services

This industry supports individuals and business with property sales, purchases, leasing, valuation, auctioning and brokerage services.

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Public Order, Safety and
Regulatory Services

This industry consists of those providing investigation and security services, fire protection and other emergency services, correctional and detention services and other public order and safety services.


Translator and
Interpreter Services

Interpreters and translators provide critical support and access to services for Western Australian’s who have limited English language capacity.