The Construction, Plumbing and Services IRC has appointed a technical advisory group (TAG) to review vocational education and training for building surveyors. The group has been working closely with their industry networks to review the CPP Training Package.  As a result a number of recommendations have been made:

  • deletion of the graduate diploma
  • limitations on building sizes for the advanced diploma—up to two storeys and 500 m2
  • adding four units to the advanced diploma from the Certificate IV in Building and Construction
  • inclusion of units on performance solutions, ethics, bushfire attack levels, thermal performance and energy efficiency

They are seeking industry feedback and welcome you to view details of this project by visiting their project page.

Waste Management Qualifications

The new Certificates III and IV in Waste Management have been endorsed and are now live on

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Survey

Artibus Innovation is seeking your feedback via a short questionnaire to understand your current and future BIM training needs.  If you are able to assist in completing this questionnaire please visit this direct link.

2020 Skills Forecast

The Artibus Innovation research team is working on the Skills Forecasts for each of their IRCs. The project involves an industry-led analysis of existing and emerging skills gaps in the workforce and of ways of addressing these gaps through training package development. Please visit the project websites for your feedback on:

For more information please email