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Following last weeks Jobs and Skills Summit, 36 immediate initiatives have been agreed by the Government. These include:

Building a better skilled, better trained workforce
– $1 billion for fee-free TAFE in 2023.

Addressing skills shortages and strengthening the migration system
– Increasing the permanent Migration Program ceiling to 195,000 in 2022-23.

Boosting job security and wages, and creating safe, fair and productive workplaces
– Amending the Fair Work Act to strengthen access to flexible working arrangements and unpaid parental leave.

Promoting equal opportunities and reducing barriers to employment
– A one-off income credit so that Age Pensioners who want to work can earn an additional $4,000 over this financial year without losing any of their pension.

Maximising jobs and opportunities in our industries and communities
– Deliver 1,000 digital traineeships in the Australian Public Service over four years.

The full list of actions, plus areas for further work and complementary existing commitments are outlined in the Skills Summit Outcomes document.

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