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Employers are paying a premium for digital skills according to new research from Deloitte Access Economics. The 2022 Ready, Set, Upskill report commissioned by RMIT Online showed that when comparing actual job offers of people with and without digital skills, those with digital skills commanded a 9% wage premium or $7,700 a year.

The report stated that 2.6 million workers require digital skills to perform their role in Australia, equivalent to one in every four (24%) workers in select occupations in Australia. Analysis of job advertisements in 2021 revealed that these skills were the third most requested, behind customer service and project management and ahead of core areas like sales, budget management, and business processes. Findings showed that digital skills are no longer a nice to have but reflect a core business skill and employees believe they will increase in importance over the next five years.

For employers, soft skills including leadership, critical thinking, and communication were identified as the most important skills in the next five years.

The report concluded that upskilling will play a crucial role in closing the skills gap, helping businesses emerge stronger from the pandemic.

The full report can be downloaded online.

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