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One in five Australians quit their job within the last year and almost one quarter are considering changing their place of employment with many planning to move to a new role in a new industry or take a career break, according to research by the National Australia Bank (NAB).

NAB found the key reasons people were leaving their jobs included lack of personal fulfilment, purpose or meaning, lack of career growth, impact to mental health, poor pay and benefits, poor work-life balance, burnout and feeling like a fresh start.

There were some key differences by state, role and industry. 47% of workers in WA cited poor pay and benefits (47%) as a key driver of change and 57% of people in Property Services. Over 6 in 10 workers in Government (62%) pointed to a desire for change.

Just 1 in 5 (18%) people in WA plan to move to a new role in a new industry. 32% of people working in Property Services and 30% in Business Services plan to move to a similar role in a new industry.

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